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Roasted coffee beans

Ground coffee

Cascara (coffee tea)

Micro-lot green bean coffee

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coffee tours

Coffee tours are one of the new tourism products under agro-tourism and its popularity is catching very fast.

A coffee tour takes about 2-3 hours and is a real coffee experience tour. The tour goes through 10 stages of coffee from a coffee seedling and friendly ending with your own handmade cup of coffee.

coffee processing
method training

With different niche markets coffee buyers are looking for unique flavors which are only achieved through different processing methods.

We train individuals, partners, and farmers on this subject.

coffee workshop
Student package

In this package, we host pupils and students from nearby schools, especially those taking entrepreneurship as a subject in their schools.
We teach them about the value chain and value addition.

coffee workshop
business package

We welcome individuals or partners who have interest to start a coffee business right from the farm level.

We take them through farm practices, harvesting, processing and advice them on the different processing methods.